Con Amore presents: Western Medicine Fundamentals 

Are you an (aspiring) therapist, counsel, coach or teacher? Does your work involve the wellbeing of people in some other capacity? Are you looking for more in-depth knowledge so you can get better at what you do? Let us introduce you to Western Medicine Fundamentals for healthcare professionals. 

The Western Medicine Fundamentals (WMF) programme teaches you all about the wonders of the human body. This programme (available in the form of physical or online education) is known as the #1 knowledge programme for physical therapists, coaches, dietitians, sports instructors, meditation or yoga teachers and all other professions that have anything to do with health and the body. 

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Western Medicine Fundamentals - About the course

The Western Medicine Fundamentals programme forms part of the requisite portfolio for coaches and therapists to be eligible for remuneration from health insurance providers in The Netherlands. Once you have completed your portfolio, you can offer your clients to claim the costs of your services from their health insurance provider.

We have over 10 years of experience with the Dutch course 'Medische Basiskennis' and are very excited to launch the English version! 
Heb je interesse in onze Nederlandse opleidingen, klik hier (a link to our Dutch courses). 

For whom
The Western Medicine Fundamentals programme is suitable for anyone looking for basic education on how the human body works. It is designed for yoga and meditation teachers, therapists, coaches, healthcare professionals, etcetera. This programme is also perfect for anyone who aspires to become a healthcare professional in the future, as it offers an excellent foundation for further specialisation. The programme offers you a solid foundation of knowledge about the many wonders of the human body. Furthermore, you will be taught by highly experienced holistic physicians who are passionate about the complementary field.

Licensed registration requirements
If you would like to open your own healthcare practice (in the future), we highly recommend you follow this Western Medicine Fundamentals course (called 'Medische Basiskennis' in Dutch). It will give you the medical foundation you need to start your practice as a healthcare practitioner. This also gives you the possibility to register at the professional associations and insurance companies, enabling your clients to claim reimbursement of their invoice under supplementary health care insurances. You will be able to offer your consultations VAT exempt ('BTW-vrijgesteld' in Dutch) as a registered therapist.

Programme structure
The Western Medicine Fundamentals programme consists of:

  • Interactive classroom lectures / course days, on location or online via Zoom (one course day per month, on average)
  • Independent study at home in the online learning environment with the help of course materials and homework assignments (fifteen hours per course day, on average)

Online learning environment: Home study
Studying at home is an important part of the programme. We have therefore developed a unique and effective study concept. At home, you can work on specially selected study questions at your own pace. Your answers and progress are automatically recorded in your personal online learning environment. You can expect 100 to 150 study questions / 10 to 20 hours of home study as preparation for one course day. The study questions are divided into different categories. After completing each category, the correct (our) answers are shown. You can use these to check how well you did. The study-at-home environment is a practise environment, which means you will not be graded based on your answers.

Study questions: main and side issues
The study questions are characteristic of Con Amore's teaching method. They help you study and - particularly - focus on what is most important. The questions guide you through the various chapters and help you study the course materials effectively. Since you cannot remember everything (nor are you required to), it will be useful to distinguish between main and side issues. In our online learning environment, we help you do that. 

  • The questions in the online learning environment that concern main issues are indicated with an exclamation mark (!) and cover the most common illnesses/conditions, as well as serious and major illnesses/conditions that require (urgent) action. This category also includes the symptoms that should set off all your alarm bells, the so-called warning signs.
  • The questions in the online learning environment that deal with side issues often support the questions about main issues. By answering these questions, you gradually work your way towards the main issue at hand. Sometimes, these questions are about rarer conditions that you do not have to be intimately familiar with, but which are nevertheless useful to know about. 
  • We tend to skip extremely rare conditions; although they can be incredibly fascinating, you can just as easily look them up in a reference work if you want to know more about them.
Course days
After completing your independent study at home, you bring your newly acquired knowledge with you to class. We will then put everything into practice with the help of relevant cases and exercises. Our lectures have a practical focus and revolve around realistic situations involving real patients and healthcare professionals. During lectures, you can ask our experienced lecturers any questions you may have. They are all passionate physicians who are involved in the complementary field in some way. The topics you studied at home are discussed during the lectures with the help of various interactive work methods. At the end of each course day, you will take a brief multiple-choice test and finish the topic at hand. 

Many courses use their valuable course days to discuss theory together, which you may as well study by yourself at home. Con Amore prefers to do things differently. With our approach, you will quickly acquire new knowledge and insights and immediately learn about their correct practical application.

During twelve course days spread out over a one-year period, you will learn: 

  • All about the physical processes of the human body: our lecturers will teach you how our organs function and how various diseases are treated.
  • You will also learn to recognise and explain physical complaints.
  • You will acquire a thorough knowledge of the human body, the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, blood, the respiratory system, the nervous system and the senses, the hormonal system, the locomotor apparatus, the skin and physical warning signs. 
  • The programme also covers various psychosocial aspects, as well as conversation skills and how to connect to primary care physicians.
  • Lastly, we will discuss ethics and your attitude as a healthcare professional towards your clients.

The course days are centered around the following themes:

  1. An introduction to healthcare
  2. The human body
  3. The cardiovascular system
  4. Blood and the respiratory system
  5. The digestive system
  6. The urogenital system
  7. The nervous system and the senses
  8. The hormonal system and children
  9. The musculoskeletal system and the skin
  10. Psychosocial I
  11. Psychosocial II
  12. Warning signs

Western Medicine Fundamentals Masterclass
Gain a better understanding of the WMF programme during our free Western Medicine Fundamentals Masterclass: a two hour experience with our teacher which offers a in-dept introduction to the course and our online learning environment. Leave your e-mailadres at the bottom of this page and we will keep you informed about the dates for this masterclass. 

Why choose the Western Medicine Fundamentals (WMF) programme?

  • The programme is seen as an invaluable addition to one's general development towards becoming a healthcare professional (therapist, coach, counsellor, teacher, etc)  
  • The programme gives you a broader perspective on your field
  • After completing the programme, you will know all about the cause, progression and treatment of the most common physical ailments
  • You learn about your abilities and limitations as a healthcare professional and can recognise situations in which you must refer your client immediately
  • Attending the course days and sparring with your colleagues helps you build a large network of fellow healthcare professionals such as therapists, coaches, psychologists and holistic physicians
  • You acquire knowledge of various classification systems and learn the ins and outs of proper diagnoses
  • The programme makes it easier for you to connect to primary care physicians because you learn to understand medical jargon. This allows you to work together more effectively with e.g. general practitioners and medical specialists
  • With the knowledge you acquire, you can provide better services to your clients as a therapist, teacher or coach
  • Improving your conversation skills helps you feel more confident
  • The Western Medicine Fundamentals programme forms part of the requisite portfolio to be eligible for remuneration from healthcare insurance providers

Con Amore's approach to education: flip the classroom 
Many study programmes use their valuable course days to discuss theory together that you might as well have studied by yourself at home. Con Amore does things differently: our classes have a practical focus and are centred around realistic situations involving patients and healthcare professionals. With this approach, participants quickly acquire new knowledge and insights and immediately learn about their correct practical application. During class, experienced lecturers make the study material come alive by discussing realistic and fascinating cases. This makes it easier to retain what you've learned and effectively shows you how to put theory
into practice.

Physical or online education
We offer participants a choice between physical education at a location in Amsterdam and online education via Zoom. Which do you prefer? Do you prefer seeing your lecturers and fellow students in person every month? Are you willing to travel to Amsterdam one day per month? In that case, the physical course days are right for you. At the same time, online education offers myriad benefits as well. There is no commute, you save on travel costs and you can attend our virtual classroom from the comfort of your own home.

  • The physical course days take place in Amsterdam, every month on Wednesdays and Saturdays* from October 2021.
  • The online course days will be taught via Zoom, every month on Mondays and Saturdays* from October 2021.

    *Don't worry if you miss a specific course day. At Con Amore, flexibility is incorporated in our core values. You can modify your classes in our E-learning platform or contact one of our study coaches to sort it out for you!

Educational background and training level
This programme requires no prior education. The higher-education-level programme was developed by experienced (holistic) physicians with a passion for the complementary field. Many students without a relevant educational background have already successfully completed the WMF programme in Dutch. Having strong motivation, a well-thought-out schedule (we can help you with this!) and enough discipline are all just as important as your educational background.

If you are unsure about the programme's training level, please contact us. Together, we will discuss the ins and outs of the programme and determine whether it is right for you.

Feel free to contact us on working days between 09.00 and 15.00 by sending an e-mail to or calling 085 - 401 9368. 

Study coach
Our study coaches are there to help you make the most of the programme. How can you optimise your online education experience? What about the exams? Do you suffer from anxiety or a fear of failure? Are you not sure about the best way to schedule the workload? Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact our study coaches on working days between 09.00 and 15.00 by calling 085 - 401 9368

Investment in yourself
The physical WMF programme costs € 1995; the online variant of the programme costs € 1795. You have the option of paying in four or ten instalments at no extra charge. The programme is exempt from VAT. 

Why choose Con Amore's Western Medicine Fundamentals programme?

  • Experienced and enthusiastic lecturers (physicians and psychologists) with experience in and passion for the complementary field
  • 99% pass rate, higher-education level, 40 ECTs
  • CPION/SNRO accredited diplomas
  • A unique educational concept with interactive course days
  • Personal service and guidance
  • The opportunity to study at your own pace or work ahead if you want
  • A user-friendly and modern online learning environment

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Pre-registration for this course will open in May 2021. After registration, you will gain access to the online learning environment. From this moment on you can embark on your home study and prepare yourself for the course days, which will start in October 2021. We recommend you to begin with your home study at least one month prior to the course days. 

Sign up below (without further obligations) and we will keep you posted about; 

  • The dates of our free online Western Medicine Fundamentals Masterclass with a Western Medical Fundamentals teacher and study coach, where you will be able to ask all your questions about the programme
  • The Western Medicine Fundamentals Study Guide 
  • The official registration period 
  • The dates of the physical and online lessons

Heb je interesse in onze Nederlandse opleidingen, klik hier (a link to Con Amore's Dutch courses). 


Reviews & FAQ 

Some reviews of the Medische Basiskennis (Western Medicine Fundamentals in Dutch) programme from our Dutch students:

"Medische Basiskennis is a very good programme. The practical classes are incredibly interesting and offer clear added value because of the cases that are discussed and the expertise that the lecturers bring to the table. The practical classes are available in various locations. I definitely appreciate that flexibility." - Kim

"I just obtained my diploma. I want to thank you all very much for the excellent and pleasant communication throughout, the great classes (the beautiful location in Zwolle, the Dominicanenklooster, was an absolute joy to be in!), the excellent online environment that Con Amore provides for students to work in and the fast and adequate manner in which you dealt with the coronavirus situation! I couldn't be happier about choosing you and I will definitely recommend you to other people in the future." - Reina

"I started the WMF and Basic Psychosocial Knowledge programmes in September. The classes went by in a flash! Trudy and Monique both bring a wealth of practical experience to the table. This makes the material more concrete and offers you different perspectives. It is an excellent programme. I learned and laughed in equal measure. I am glad I chose Con Amore and opted to do both programmes at the same time. The workload was very manageable!" - Cynthia

"I just finished my first digital course day. It is incredible to see the lecturer inspire so much involvement and togetherness in our group through the computer. I had no idea an online course day could be like this. In fact, I was dreading it a bit beforehand, but I was not tired at all once it was over. I was able to stay at home in my own comfortable environment with fewer distractions than in a traditional classroom, I got to take short breaks in my own home (which are much more effective), I didn't have to travel anywhere and I could sleep in. All in all, there are plenty of benefits to online education for me. Great!" - Leander

"Today, I got to attend the final course day of the Basic Psychosocial Knowledge programme under the supervision of Myrthe in Centrum de Landing in Rijswijk. I wanted to give you my respect and thanks for this truly unique experience. The reception in Centrum de Landing by Koos and Esther felt like a warm bath and creates an atmosphere of trust. Combined with Myrthe's passionate, heartfelt and enthusiastic teachings, it results in a wonderful dynamic in which safety and security are guaranteed. The beautiful, classical location, the delicious lunch and the welcoming atmosphere have a clear impact on the group. Friendships, peer coaching groups and relationships for life have been formed between us. I want to thank you and compliment you on finding such an incredible location and such an amazing teacher! Once the WMF programme becomes available in this location, I will not hesitate to sign up for it." - Monique

"I completed the programme yesterday. I'm sorry it has to end so soon. I enjoyed it all so very much! Con Amore is a truly excellent educational institute that offers top-quality services. The lecturers are amazing. The online environment functions very well also. I appreciate the fact that everyone is expected to complete the online assignments before coming to class. This ensures everyone is well prepared and lets you make the most of the lectures. The environment is set up to allow you to print out questions per theme, which makes everything a lot easier to manage. The online help is great, too. Questions are answered quickly, and people do their best to assist you with whatever you need. Last but not least, Con Amore was able to adjust very quickly to changing circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic and they made sure online lectures became available immediately. For that, I give you my compliments and my thanks!" - Inez

"Dear people of Con Amore. Whenever I get in touch with you, I truly feel heard and understood. You are always so kind and cheerful. It is clear that you all love your jobs very much. Thank you for that. For the lecturers: your enthusiastic lectures and presence are truly inspiring. The day was always over before I knew it and I learned so much that I will be able to put into practice. For example, I have begun using the anamnesis questions myself, which we used while working on the cases. They allow me to discover even more valuable information about my clients, so I can offer them better treatments. Thank you very much for the limitless energy you brought to the table! For everyone: I am delighted that I chose Con Amore and I will be recommending you to anyone who will listen. You are truly one of a kind!" - Birgitte

"Choosing Con Amore is the best choice I have ever made. Although I started with the essential WMF programme, I was so triggered and convinced of my own abilities that I decided to follow it up with the Basic Psychosocial Knowledge programme immediately afterwards. What I did not know at the time was just how much I would benefit from both programmes in the future. In my current work, I am often able to achieve results and draw conclusions so much faster than any of my colleagues. Being able to say that I graduated from both programmes with honours is the cherry on top. Especially when you consider that I was taken out of school at the age of fifteen to get a job. Dear people at Con Amore, thank you so much for making me realise that I can achieve more than I ever thought I could." - Gerda



Learn more about the Western Medicine Fundamentals Course by reading our FAQ.

What requirements do I have to meet to be eligible for reimbursement by health insurance providers?

Although the exact conditions differ per insurance provider, the overall requirements are generally the same. As an example, we like to use the criteria that VGZ has set for their therapists. With regard to quality, VGZ has the following requirements for providers of alternative care: 

  • Membership of a certified umbrella organisation; 
  • Meeting the requirements of proper and independent practice; 
  • Other requirements (a Certificate of Good Behaviour (VOG) with a relevant screening profile that is no older than five years and up-to-date professional liability insurance). 

In terms of education, VGZ requires providers of alternative care to possess, among other things, sufficient basic medical knowledge or psychosocial knowledge. You will meet this requirement after completing Con Amore's Western Medicine Fundamentals course.

If you want to know whether other health insurance providers employ similar requirements, we recommend that you read their policy or contact them directly.

What is PLATO and what are the PLATO standards?

PLATO is Leiden University's Platform Opleiding, Onderwijs en Organisatie (Platform for Training, Education and Organisation). At the request of health insurance providers and together with umbrella organisations in the complementary care sector, PLATO has defined attainment targets for basic medical and psychosocial knowledge.

PLATO has developed a series of attainment targets for psychosocial and basic medical knowledge. This was done at the request of five health insurance providers. Existing concepts from umbrella organisations in the complementary care sector were used as input for these attainment targets. The attainment targets have to do with the cognitive foundation needed to develop (through training and education) one's ability to assess whether a person is (not) okay and to learn the limits of one's own expertise. The attainment targets that PLATO has defined concern the substantive knowledge that must be covered and the level at which said knowledge must be mastered. Merely possessing the cognitive foundation is not enough to guarantee one's ability to properly assess other people's condition. Additional requirements therefore apply. These additional requirements are defined by the health insurance providers and umbrella organisations.

Contrary to what was reported in the media, PLATO has not developed any training requirements and PLATO does not offer its own educational programmes in the field of basic medical and psychosocial knowledge.

*** Update 15-10-2019 *** In 2018, the attainment targets for the Western Medicine Fundamentals and Basic Psychosocial Knowledge programmes were modified for care providers working in the complementary care sector. This concerns a reassessment of the attainment targets from 2013.   

What is CPION?

CPION is short for Centrum Post Initieel Onderwijs Nederland (the Dutch Centre for Post-Initial Education). CPION is an independent organisation that assesses, certifies and registers post-initial and permanent educational programmes. CPION does its work at the request of five foundations charged with overseeing the quality of these study programmes. Furthermore, CPION manages the various registries in which these programmes are included after a positive assessment. These programmes may then use the title of "Registeropleiding" ("Registry programme"). CPION also safeguards the quality and up-to-dateness of the registries by conducting annual evaluations. 

Con Amore's Western Medicine Fundamentals and Basic Psychosocial Knowledge
programmes have both been certified by CPION. 


What is SNRO?

The Stichting Nederlands Register voor Opleidingen (SNRO, Dutch Education Registry Foundation) is an independent institution that safeguards the quality of (professional) educational programmes in the integral and complementary healthcare sector. The SNRO combines specific knowledge of the field with know-how and with experience of quality assurance. The accreditation process therefore not only concerns quality assurance, but also quality enhancement. Con Amore's Western Medicine Fundamentals and Basic Psychosocial Knowledge programmes and all its refresher courses are certified by the SNRO. 

How does Con Amore test its students?

Your skills will be tested in the four following manners: 

  1. Answering study questions prior to each course day (you will not receive a grade for this).
  2. Every course day concludes with a test that consists of ten multiple-choice questions (60% of your final grade).
  3. The twelfth course day (on warning signs) concludes with a test that consists of approximate twenty multiple-choice questions (40% of your final grade).
  4. Throughout the entire programme, students will be given several opportunities to present a case. These case presentations will be assessed using the "requirements (not) met" method.

In our experience, this method of staggered testing is significantly less stressful for students. Furthermore, it allows students to get a lot more out of the programme: they have a better understanding of the material and can effectively put everything they have learned into practice. Students can fail tests as long as they finish the programme with a final average grade of 5.5 or higher. In consultation, it is possible to retake tests, although there may be additional costs involved in doing so.

Can I enrol in your study programmes without a higher general secondary education (HAVO) diploma?

Yes, you can! We have already had many students without a higher (secondary or professional) education diploma (HAVO / HBO) who have successfully completed our study programmes. Having strong motivation, a well-thought-out schedule and enough discipline are all just as important as your educational background! 

If you are unsure about the programme's training level, please contact us. Together, we will discuss the ins and outs of the programme and determine whether it is right for you.


What should I do if I am unable to attend a course day?

In order to obtain your diploma, you must attend all course days. Fortunately, it is possible to reschedule a course day if you cannot attend. You can take care of this yourself in the online learning environment:

  • Open the course day in question
  • Click on "Manage"
  • Click on "Reschedule class"
  • Choose your desired date and submit a rescheduling request
  • We will confirm your request as soon as possible

If you need help, feel free to call our service department. 

Note! Course days must be rescheduled at least twelve hours in advance. If, due to circumstances, you only realise that you will not be able to attend a course day on the day itself, you must contact Con Amore by phone that morning.


Do I have to start paying now, even though the classes do not start until later?

After registering, you will immediately gain access to our online learning environment. You can then start working on the study questions right away and prepare yourself for the course days. Even if the course days are not scheduled to begin until several months in the future, you can already start working on the study questions to spread out the workload (and because you cannot wait to get started, of course!)

 Since we give you access to our study materials immediately after your registration, you will receive your first invoice after approximate one month. You can view this as a deposit of sorts. This deposit is at least 10% of the total cost of your study programme. For students who chose to pay in ten instalments, the deposit is their first instalment. Students who chose to pay in four instalments will automatically receive their first invoice for 25% of the total amount. Students who chose to pay the full amount at once will receive an invoice for the full amount, which means they do not have to pay a deposit. 

Some students prefer to only pay the deposit after registering and pay the remaining amount or the remaining instalments once the course days have actually begun. That is not a problem. Please let us know if you wish to make use of this option, so we can take care of everything for you. Your invoices will automatically appear in the billing overview of your online dashboard.

Can I combine the study programme with a busy career and/or the care for my family?

Yes, in most cases you can. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the study programme or the amount of preparation required before each course day. To better distribute the workload, you can start working on the study questions long before the first course day. This will make the whole experience less stressful and easier to combine with your other responsibilities.